We have a large discography and can negotiate preferential sync rates for any of our unpublished works.  If you are interested in using one of our tracks or work for a publisher and want to discuss publishing any of our works, please get in touch using this form.

Unpublished Works

Our unpublished works include:

Sweet Female Attitude – Real Love; Sweet Female Attitude – Say Something; Sweet Female Attitude – Connected; Sweet Female Attitude – Surprise; Sweet Female Attitude – Give Me Yours Too; Sweet Female Attitude – Rise Up We; Sweet Female Attitude – Sad Song; Platnum & Sweet Female Attitude – Looking for Love; Control-S & Sweet Female Attitude – I Quit; Sweet Female Attitude & BKT – Movin’ On; Dawn Raid & Sweet Female Attitude – Breakdown; ILL Phil & Sweet Female Attitude – Tell Me; Sweet Female Attitude & Fake Remedy – Never Had Love; Dax On Sax & Sweet Female Attitude – Everlasting Love; Danny Blaze & Sweet Female Attitude – One; Sweet Female Attitude, BeeBar & Symphonik – Part of Me; Pagano, Reza & Sweet Female Attitude – Give It To Me; Reload, eSquire & Sweet Female Attitude – Never Kissed You; The Peverell Bros & Sweet Female Attitude – No Matter;


Paco Caniza, The Peverell Bros & Leanne Brown – Love That Sound; Club Asylum & Leanne Brown – Bad Thing; S.Jay & Leanne Brown – Take Some Time; Frequency 88 & Leanne Brown – Wonderful; Frequency 88 & Leanne Brown – Live Your Life; Rhythm Fire & Leanne Brown – Everything; Carl Hanaghan & Leanne Brown – Runaway; Tomos Henri & Leanne Brown – Get So Serious; Fake Remedy & Leanne Brown – Closer to You; Reload & Leanne Brown – Keep on Calling; The Peverell Bros & Leanne Brown – Lying and Cheating; Lé Funnk & Leanne Brown – What is With You; 2Tyme & Leanne Brown – Love & Affection; Tommy Mc & Leanne Brown – Changing Your Mind; Rare Candy & Leanne Brown – Why I Love You; 2Tyme & Leanne Brown – My Heart is Yours; John Fitz & Leanne Brown – Express Feature.


Published Works

Please click on the links below to access contact details for publishers on the following tracks.

Our tracks on Reservoir include: Sweet Female Attitude – Flowers; Sweet Female Attitude – 8 Days a Week; Sweet Female Attitude – DJ Play It; Sweet Female Attitude – Don’t Tell Me; Sweet Female Attitude – A Rose; Sweet Female Attitude – Nothing to Loose; Sweet Female Attitude – Ready for Love; Sweet Female Attitude – Dreamin’; Sweet Female Attitude – Best Friend; Sweet Female Attitude – New Love.


For enquiries relating to Club Asylum & Leanne Brown – Reasons, please contact MOS Publishing.



Our tracks on Housession include: DJ Romi & Leanne Brown – Foolish & David Souza & Leanne Brown – Somebody



For enquiries relating to Rio De La Duna & Sweet Female Attitude – Give You My Devotion, please contact Kaa Publishing.

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